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Excerpt: "Al Franken gives his farewell address on the floor of the United States Senate."

Al Franken's Final Senate Speech


22 December 17

"Al Franken gives his farewell address on the floor of the United States Senate." your social media marketing partner


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+5 # CL38 2017-12-23 20:00
He should have been investigated, not forced to resign before an investigation. If anyone should be forced to resign, it's Trump. Go after him.
+2 # Brice 2017-12-24 15:13
The story here was that allegedly Al Franken did something Leeann Tweeden did not like, and stopped after being told.

Franken did not "get away" with anything, or do anything illegal.

AND FOX News, the "news" company reporting this story not only did not bother to point that out, but blew the story out of proportion so as to politically assassinate Franken and make Democrats out to be hypocrites. Then Democrats assisted that ruse by ganging up on Franken and demanding he resign without bringing the truth to either Franken or America.

If there was any justice, or media guidelines or regulation or news reported - FOX News should be shut down, broken up, fined and sold off to other more responsible entities

Further, the stories never passed the reality test, or at the majority where Franken was accused of touching women in public. What kind of motivation would Franken have to abuse, humiliate or assault a women in public who assumedly was his political supporter? It make no sense at all.

When someone is going to assault or grope a woman ( and I am no expert on this ) but all the other cases were behind closed doors in an attempt at further intimidation or seduction, however absurd that is ( how seductive can it be to see obese Louis CK or Harvey Weinstein masturbating ) at least there is some coherent motivation there. What was Franken's purpose, gain? Nothing, the stories are BS, at least no sexual harassment, that is plain.
-1 # Annette Saint John Lawrence 2018-01-01 05:13
I am suspicious Of these alleged women coming up on top of the comedy skit years ago. It is. peculiar that Trump unquestionably was made President in spite of his documented proof. It was a grave error in judgement ( and by no means the first one) for weak Democrats to ask him to resign. He was one Democrat who did not sell his soul to corporations. He was fighting for people long before he ever ran for office. Once again the Party cut their nose to spite their face, i.e. shunning Bernie. When I was a precinct Captain for my district I was shocked to see how the people genuinely despised Hillary with an intensity that I never experienced in other elections. When they spoke of Bernie a fascinating thing happened. Every individual put their 2 hands over there heart. It was as though someone gathered them together to rehearse this.
0 # Brice 2018-05-13 00:21
Yes ...

Sacrificing Franken trying to get Donald Trump to resign
is tantamount of casting pearls before swine.

That rhymed, LOL!