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Excerpt: "Opening night of the People's Summit with a welcome by Jim Hightower."

From Resistance to Power - The People's Summit 2017

Live Updates Below

Uphill Media

09 June 17

Update - 10:30 PM CST Sunday, June 11
Nina Turner Brought Down the House

For the 2nd straight year, Nina Turner brought down the house. She took us to church on Sunday morning, leaving the stage to speak among the people. She walked the entire crowd of over 4,000 people. Repeating the theme of her sermon “With these hands we will rise up!” The crowd responded with a chant of Run Nina Run!!!!! She is considering a run for Governor. Nina didn’t hold un punches, she was critical of democrats who are not representing the people and said they need to go.

I have said in the past, Nina Turner is the second most popular progressive in the country. When she enters the room of progressive gatherings around the country you can feel the electricity. The Democratic Party needs to listen to Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner or one or both of them might just form a progressive party that will one day replace the Democratic Party.

I am going to take off my reporter hat and go to the Iowa breakout session …I will have a story in the next couple of days on what i think was accomplished this weekend, in the mean time enjoy the video’s here and experience the People’s Summit for yourself.

Update - 6:15 PM CST Saturday, June 10
Excerpts from the Bernie Sanders Address

Waiting for Bernie ...

Summit attendees are lining up to get a good seat to see Bernie Sanders. Jane Sanders has emerged as a leader of the moment this weekend but clearly the person who’s name is on thousands of people’s t-shirts is Bernie.

Bernie will address the crowd of over 4,000 fresh of a tour of Europe. Sanders will outline how we can advance as a society if we overcome the greed of the billionaire class and detail the path forward for the Democratic Party.

Below are excerpts of his speech:

"We may have lost the election in 2016 but, because of the grass-roots efforts of activists throughout the country, we have made enormous progress in advancing the progressive agenda. Ideas that, just a few years ago, seemed radical and unattainable are now part of Main Street discussion and, in fact, some of them are being implemented across the country as we speak. "Today, legislation for a $15 an hour minimum wage has 31 co-sponsors in the Senate, 155 in the House and is being passed by city councils and state legislatures across America. Today, there is widespread agreement that our trade policies, like the rejected TPP, have failed American workers and that we need new trade agreements that work for workers, and not just the CEOs of large corporations. Today, the idea of investing $1 trillion to create 15 million jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure is widely accepted."

"Let us be clear. Above and beyond every other concern that we have with President Trump, please do not forget that his economic policies are precisely what the extreme right wing billionaire Koch brothers have been pushing for decades. During his campaign, Trump posed as a friend of the working class. Not surprisingly, however, the budget and healthcare proposals that he has brought forth are the most destructive for working people in the modern history of our country. Mr. Trump: Do not tell us that you are a friend of the working class when you throw 23 million Americans off of healthcare, and make devastating cuts to education, senior needs, nutrition, housing and environmental protection. Meanwhile, at the same time, you provide $3 trillion in tax breaks to the top 1 percent. Your proposals were written by the billionaire class, for the billionaire class. You have cynically and dishonesty turned your back on the pain and despair felt today by working class people across this country."

"The Democratic Party cannot continue to be a party of the East Coast and the West Coast. It must be a party of all 50 states. Unfortunately, to a large degree, the Democratic leadership has ignored the needs of working people – black workers, white workers, Latino workers, Asian American workers and Native American workers in almost half the states in our country. That has got to change. The working people of Mississippi and Wyoming, of South Carolina and Oklahoma, of Texas and Kansas, of Nebraska and Utah and many other states will support a progressive agenda – if we bring that agenda to them. We cannot simply focus on New York and Los Angeles. Our fight must be a national fight in every state in this country."

Update - 4:00 PM CST Saturday, June 10
Interviews with: Nina Turner, Amy Goodman, Jane Sanders and much more!

After a rousing speech by Van Jones, the Summit attendees broke down in work groups. I decided it was a good time to seek interviews. The first one I got was Nina Turner who mentioned that she is thinking about a run for Governor of Ohio.

Amy Goodman then told me she is optimistic about the growth of independent media.

Jane Sanders didn’t rule out a run in 2020.

Workshops and trainings are happening throughout. Stay tuned!!!

Update - 2:00 PM CST Saturday, June 10
Powerful Speakers for a Powerful People's Movement

The opening panel this morning was very powerful...Amy Goodman brought down the house with her call for building our own media...Naomi Klein made the case for our progress...Danny Glover brought the historical connections to what is happening now. Jane Sanders led the panel as skillfully as a seasoned anchor woman.

I am scrambling to get interviews...I succeeded in getting one with Nina Turner, and I'm scheduled to talk to Amy Goodman and Jane Sanders in a few minutes.

Here is Pete D’Alessandro who ran Bernie’s campaign in Iowa and is exploring a run for Congress.

More to come!!!

Update - 11:22 AM CST Saturday, June 10
Amy Goodman Calls for Independent Media, Naomi Klein Makes Case for Our Movement

Wow…Amy Goodman's plea for an independent media was powerful. She told the story of her charges for rioting at Standing Rock. She made a powerful case building our own media to shine light on injustice. She said when we shine that light the powers that be back down. Naomi Klein then made a case for the progress we are making around the world.

Update - 10:55 AM CST Saturday, June 10
The People's Summit Begins

Hi everyone, I will be reporting from the People’s Summit all weekend. Last night we had a powerful welcome from Jim Hightower, Jane Sanders, Nina Turner and dozens of other leaders of the Progressive movement. I asked Jim Hightower what he hoped would be accomplished this weekend.

After the welcoming program on Friday night the hot ticket was the Our Revolution party at the the Blue Frog in Chicago. I stood in line outside for over a half hour with Josh Fox and Jordan Cheriton of TYT. Inside Our Revolution volunteers and guests partied with Jane Sanders.

That brings us to Saturday morning. Amy Goodman is telling her story now. Why she became active in political journalism. The morning began with voices from the movement, one by one voices of various sectors of the movement told the thousands gathered why they are part of the revolution.

Then out walked Jane Sanders who has been very visible at this summit. She introduced a panel that includes Amy Goodman, Danny Glover, Naomi Klein and Katrina vanden Heuvel. They are on the stage now.

The crowd is in the thousands and is very diverse. The largest segment of the crowd is under 35. Our movement is growing and it is being bolstered by young people.

"Opening night of the People's Summit with a welcome by Jim Hightower. This is a hosted re-stream of the event with exclusive interviews from Scott Galindez at the Summit in Chicago. Source stream provided by The People's Summit." your social media marketing partner


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+9 # DocPeace 2017-06-10 00:19
Just like our Founding Fathers, The Revolution is being planned. We will Prevail as Good always defeats Evil over time. There are more good people and we will be the Exorcists to banish the evil Fascists of Trumicanism and the Ridiculouscans. We are One, We are the People we will prevail.
God Bless the Progressive Revolution