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writing for godot

They are owners not donors

Written by Carl Peterson   
Thursday, 21 December 2017 05:08



A donor is a person who gives blood so that another may use it.  A donor is a person who gives to charity to help those in need.  A donor is a person who gives bone marrow, a kidney or other body part to a person who needs it.  A donor is a parent who gives five bucks to see their kid's Christmas play.  A donor is a person of ordinary means who gives what they can to a political or other cause because they believe in that cause, and not because they expect a quid pro quo.  Billionaires who in concert give money to politicians and political operatives to carry out a plan to change the American form of government are not donors.  I wish the mainstream media could get that straight.

The plutocrats who have purchased the Republican party are not "donors," or even, "the donor class."  They're owners.  They own the Republican party.  And, being devotees of property rights, the plutocrats know that they can do with their property as they see fit.  That is what they are doing.  They have every right to do so.  Having paid the asking price, and become owners, plutocrats have instilled a discipline in their property--the Republican party--that has allowed them to pass a heinous, unpopular tax bill without a single Democratic vote.  Civil war among professional Republicans?  What civil war?  The plutocrats wouldn't allow it.  Anyway, professional Republican don't believe enough in anything anymore to fight over it.  That is, they don't believe enough in anything except their fear of their masters.  Through their support of voter suppression, gerrymandering, and professional Republican candidates who in return for financial support have sworn an oath of fealty to them, the plutocrats have detached the red wire that use to connect Republican members of Congress to their constituencies.  That is why Republican members of Congress now have only an abstract concern about the opinions of their constituents.

That is why real defections in professional Republican ranks are all in the past, before the plutocracy chased the so-called RINOs out of the party, foreseeing a time when they would be able celebrate a day like today, December 20, 2017, when without a single Democratic vote plutocrats pushed through probably the most nakedly plutocratic tax bill in American history.  That is why Republican members of Congress celebrated today, and why you saw a genuine emotion on their faces: mirth, the kind you feel when a great burden has been lifted and you just feel so light and happy.

Now, what passes for principled professional Republicans are fakes like Susan Collins, John McCain, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake.  All four have recently enjoyed the lime-light they called upon themselves, where they could pose as heroes.  But subsequent events, if you hadn't figured it out before then, showed them incapable of justifying any claim of heroism.  For all four, the principled stance was just a sham to convince people that they live by principle, and, for their own gratification at being seen as strong in their principles.

Susan Collins voted for the tax bill that will send Obamacare further down the road to destruction, even though she had earlier voted against the Republican plan to destroy healthcare for millions of Americans, claiming in the limelight that she was concerned about the health of her constituents in Maine.

John McCain, before illness took him out of action, vote for the Senate version of the tax bill that just passed.  This is interesting because though he claimed in the limelight that he had voted against the Republican healthcare bill because it had been rushed, the tax bill was even more rushed.

Bob Corker had styled himself as a deficit hawk and in the limelight warned that he would vote against any tax bill that added to the debt, but even though most responsible estimates forecast that the bill will add a trillion or more dollars to the national debt, Corker voted for the Republican tax bill.  What I saw when Corker was asked to explain his volte-face was a sheepish person who wasn't going to try very hard to convince anyone that he had acted according to what he believed was right.

Jeff Flake's moment in the limelight had been for him to wrap himself in the glowing robes of morality and character and contrast himself to a president he depicted as having morality and character issues.  But no one expected Jeff Flake to break ranks, show character and do the right thing by voting against the tax bill, and he didn't.

It appears that the plutocrats never seriously attempted to purchase the Democratic party, possibly because although plutocrats are billionaires they are also thrifty, and maybe they detest unnecessary expenditures, and maybe they saw that it would cost a lot more money to also purchase the Democrats.   Anyway, the historical record suggests that the plutocrats' strategy at least since Obama was first elected president has been to gain mastery of the Republican party, and not to bother with the Democrats.  I am speaking here of plutocrats, not of the old-fashioned special interest quid pro quo campaign contributors.  I am speaking of plutocrats who want to change the form of the American government.  They don't want it to be a democracy anymore, not even a weakened one that they could beat in a fight; they prefer a full-fledged plutocracy with their servants at the head of every department, in every seat on the Supreme court, in the White House, and from where I sit it appears that they will want absolute power. your social media marketing partner

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