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Confidence and Integrity

Written by David Bass   
Thursday, 11 May 2017 02:58

I just watched Anderson Cooper’s interview of Kellyanne Conway on CNN, the night FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump.  The full 13 minute interview is here:

During the interview, Conway mentions confidence, integrity, morale, credibility and/or public trust of the FBI a total of 18 times.  The narrative she is pushing is clear.

Cooper makes numerous attempts to pivot from the stated reasons for the firing – Comey’s violation of department protocols in his public statements and handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails – to the current FBI investigation into Trump associates’ dealings with Russia.  Each time, Conway categorically denied that Comey’s firing had anything to do with Russia.

It’s the wrong pivot.  Cooper should instead pivot from Conway’s critique of the public’s confidence and the integrity of the FBI to the continuing erosion of public confidence and lack of integrity of the President of the United States.  Conway's frequent mentions of the confidence and integrity of the FBI are a classic example of projecting by Trump and his surrogates.

The stated reasons for firing Comey are contrived and irrelevant.  This is so obvious that Cooper shouldn't have fallen into the trap of debating it with Conway.  It is the fact of his firing that is troubling, as we know there is an ongoing investigation into Russia’s efforts to influence the election and possible ties to Trump campaign insiders, we know Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself, we know Trump desperately wants the Russia stories to go away, and now we know Comey had just asked for more resources for the Russia investigation.  Trump saw Comey as a threat to his presidency.

Instead of pivoting from Hillary's emails to Russia investigations, the media should pivot from confidence and integrity of the FBI to confidence and integrity of the President.  Without confidence and integrity in our President, there cannot be confidence or credibility in any person he appoints as Director of the FBI. your social media marketing partner

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