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How The Room Place ruined my sleep

Written by Natalie   
Friday, 19 January 2018 19:10

An open letter to The Room Place & its customers:

Dear Sleep Deprivers aka The Room Place,

I Hate You. Your company is the worse out there and this is all your own fault. I am exhausted, sore and beyond annoyed!

Readers: Exactly a year ago my parents decided it was time to buy new mattresses as the 7 years of mattress life recommended by professionals was up. It was a unusually beautiful Saturday morning in January (please keep in mind I am a resident in Chicago which tends to be freezing weather at this time a year), my mom asked me to accompany her in search for new mattresses. We decided Sears would be the first place we would go and see what they had to offer which honestly was not much. We decided we would take a look at the neighborhood furniture store, The Room Place and what a mistake that was!

We spent around two hours at the store between looking at the different mattresses, laying and trying them out and working out the finances, towards the end the sales man offered the mattress pad which he said would protect against any damage and would help protect us against voiding the 10 year warrantee. We decided against the pads only because we had some of our own and saved a good $200. In the end we walked out with papers in our hands proving we bought 2 identical Sealy Beauty Rest Queen Mattresses.

Fast Forward to 8 months later, my back had been hurting every time I would wake up and I just wasn't understand what was going on until one night I accidentally fell asleep on the couch. I woke up the next morning and I felt great! After connecting the dots I came to a conclusion it was my mattress, I quickly went to my room and layed on the bed and began sinking in. I decided I would leave it as is and hope it wouldn't continue sinking, I was WRONG, I should have called since. Now, lets fast forward again to November 2017, I called the room place set up an appointment and waited. A man came and evaluated my beds and told me nothing was harder than proving mattresses were bad especially because these companies aren't willing to loose any money and his highest recommendation is to next time go to a strictly mattress store, like Mattress Firm. This man saw my mattress, he saw the way it sinks, the way it "bends" or slouches when you pick it up. Now you can only imagine the pain I feel waking up every morning while laying on that bed every night. A week later I received a phone call from The Room Place and they said they had found nothing wrong with my beds and I could try asking to get it re-evaulted in 6 Months--SIX MONTHS! I was appauld but more than anything I was disappointed and disguisted with these people.

Now we are in January I tweeted The Room Place and they asked me to DM them, I did and received a call from a representative we set up another appointment to get the bed evaluated once more. This appointment was set up for Saturday January 13th. The day before I received a phone call to confirm the service hours 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. I confirmed and checked they had the correct address and confirmed again with a representative the times. I woke up earlier than usual on a Saturday and ran all my errands with enough time to get back on time to wait for the service man--He NEVER showed up.

Now, today is Friday January 19th and I have not heard an explanation and much less a sorry. So now You guys tell me, how is this okay? why do we as consumers pay so much and trust these companies who clearly do not care for a moment about us...

One thing is for sure, once I am done paying off these beds I will cut all ties with The Room Place, I will cut the credit line I have with them and assure all of my friends and family they are better off else where. There are many many furniture stores in this huge city and honestly they deserve my money and my service ten times more than this TERRIBLE and GREEDY furniture store.

P.S. One last thing, once I am able to save up (hopefully sooner rather than later) I will be buying two new beds, from a mattress store and make sure to read all the reviews in the world about them so that I do not end up with a bed that can't even stand straight without slouching over on its own, or a bed that you can't kneel on while trying to fix the sheets and sinks your knees into the base all while just being a year old.


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+1 # Brice 2018-01-21 03:07
Check you state laws on mattresses. In CA we get 90 days to evaluate a mattress and if we do not like it they have to take it back - period.

Second, you really have to know what you want, and no matter how self-conscious or embarrassed you feeling lying on a bed in a showroom you have to try the out for at least 30 minutes.

Finally, a lot of foam mattresses, which it sounds like your mattress is are made from memory foam. Memory foam has open cells which means it will slowly deflate. It is great for an astronaut's blast-off chair, but for sleeping you will sink into like quicksand.

The best sleep I have ever gotten was on a 3" thick mattress of medium density foam, but not memory foam. A thin layer of memory foam can help, but what you need is support, so a medium density foam will give to conform to your body, but it will not just let you sink all the way down.

I don't know how much you spent or what your contract says, but threaten to take the business to small claims court, and then if they do not settle, take them to court. They will not want to take the time to appear.

Here in CA the commie state that everyone makes fun off on the Internet we have a county wide legal referral through the bar association, and for $35 they will tell you your rights. If you do not believe the first lawyer or he sounds like she doesn't know what she is talking about, you get a second appointment with another lawyer free.

Regulation and consumer protections are good.

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