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writing for godot


Written by John Glassco   
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 09:06

Why a federal minimum wage of only $7.25 an hour? There is no reason, other than media control of the issue to have our government maintain a below poverty wage as the American minimum. Here is how they are doing it:

Just put minimum wage into Google, and most of the first page of results from the top down has been crafted by a Washington DC lobbying group Known as Berman. Getting this result is the payoff for the funding by companies that rely on low wage and minimum workers. Companies like Arby's, Outback Steak House, Tyson Chicken, and Coca-Cola pay Berman to smear any discussion that suggests that anything should change about the country's minimum wage. Big tobacco is another of their clients.

For their fees, Berman oversees the media and the internet on anything having to do with the minimum wage. You can be sure that Berman is paid handsomely to watch all activity, particularly on sites like Facebook, and most certainly what you are reading right now.

Since 2013-14, Berman and his Employment Policy Institute "think tank," have led a national fight against campaigns to raise the minimum wage and to provide paid sick leave for workers with renewed attacks on proponents (including the Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of Sourcewatch), misleading reports, op-eds, TV and radio ads and more.

This sophisticated antihero of a company, without any moral conscience, is chiseling away at the underpinnings of the American middle class.  - Universlman your social media marketing partner

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