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Exposing “Innocent Fool” Mumia abu Jamal can shield Philly from Trump

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Monday, 06 November 2017 06:07

Philadelphia is battling for a new DA either super-reformer Larry Krasner or a likeable former DA who quit over corruption but refuses to denounce the vicious ads and robo-calls and blogs sent in her behalf by once "hanging DA" who never prosecuted a big shot, Lynn Abraham .  (PS I used to blog at RSN as RICHARDKANEpa, but I found no way to get new confirmation email, even in the spam folder)

President Trump is supposedly pro-police as he heaps a huge amount of new work on the city police. Imagine if every time the police are called they'd half to check for unpaid back taxes, unpaid traffic tickets or missed child support payments from other states. (PS to dare change the subject, a wife complaining of spousal abuse also being arrested for a straw purchase of her husband’s illegal gun.)

Philadelphia is suddenly Ground Zero as former DA Lynn Abraham launches Robo-Calls to every non-Democratic registered voter, plus those who ever gave to a so-called law and order cause. "Tough Cookie" Lynn Abraham who refused to prosecute Colts Wide Receiver Marvin Harisson, whose gun on 4/30/2008 wounded and almost murdered Dwight Dixon, who was instead arrested for lying to the police. Lynn Abraham, the third most corrupt prosecutor in recent Philly history.

President Trump, (Egomaniac-In-Chief) imagining that a surprise victory for Beth Grossman would be interpreted as Philly supports Trump on immigration.

When it comes to Mumia abu Jamal, most innocent victims wrongly convicted are overturned with the help of the “Victim’s Project” that won’t deal with Mumia, or else Mumia refused to see them like he did with several high profile visitors who Mumia might have feared would ask him nosy questions pertaining to his then tumultuous relationship to his brother Billy. Finally, since Mumia got hepatitis, he and Billy are friends like during their childhood.

Billy’s corrupt newsstand serviced corrupt 39th District police officers, the ones Mumia’s articles  might have landed them in jail. Billy said he was looking for papers in the back seat of his Volkswagen when he heard shots. Rather than a driver’s license more likely Officer Faulkner (a Jack Bauer "in the series 24"  want-to-be) was demanding records of the newsstand’s buy and sell drug records. A top European private investigator Michael Schiffmann discovered pictures that showed the sidewalk nicks from the bullets from Mumia’s gun on the sidewalk at 12th and Locust, but didn’t bother to note that the up close bullet to the front of Officer Daniel Faulkner’s head was ruled too mangled to tell if it came from Mumia’s gun. Mumia supporters made a fuss that there was no record reported of gun powder residue on Mumia’s gun, but there also should have been spattered blood from an up-close bullet to Faukner’s head (Sadly the Inquirer makes one pay to see the article of the up-close bullet ruled too mangled to determine if it was fired from Mumia’s gun, in the Inquirer archives).

Bernie Sanders was disgusted when a former supporter of his shot a Congressional baseball game. In Philadelphia, Larry Krasner needs to learn from Bernie. At Krasner’s primary victory celebration, student-looking-types part of a tight nit group, not registered to vote, suddenly began marching out shouting epithets about the police and chanting “No cop is a good cop”.

In Barcelona, a Spanish police official who refuses to obey orders is suddenly a hero in that so-called independent country. Daniel Ellsberg during the US anti-war protests was called a hero, not a baby killer. Or chanted at, “No soldier is a good soldier”. We all must join Bernie Sanders (not only Larry Krasner) in expressing disgust when hatred and violence is expressed in support of causes we hold dear.

Look at the 39th District Corruption Scandal in Wikipedia. Then Google every officer mentioned with Mumia abu Jamal. Mumia, by being tight-lipped about his then feud with his estranged brother Billy, is helping Officer Faulkner’s assassins get away with murder. His ten year earlier Black Panther activity wasn’t involved.

Move, the Back-To-Nature-Sect-cult or new-religion was shouting epithets whenever detained for sanitation violations etc, ending up inevitably being beat up, then charged with assaulting an officer. The Philadelphia Tribune had an article about at a Move trial, the Move defendants being beat up for no reason then everyone roughly thrown out of the court room. In the next Philadelphia Tribune came Mumia’s report, of a Move member shouting epithets at a rough guard, who hit him. The Move members began shouting and the article ending poetically with bits of skin, blood and dreadlocks on a cold empty courtroom floor.

Mumia who I met in 1980 as a fellow volunteer at Community Underground Newspaper, hatch a scheme with Bob Harris to expand Community into a center city weekly, Cathy Chang who later called herself Cathy Change and set herself on fire at the Penn Campus peace symbol statue couldn’t put up with men pawing her while she was soliciting ads and the Underground went bankrupt. From the news I discovered Mumia stopped using soap and rinsed his dirty clothes only in tap water, and added Move epithets to his news writings and commentary, dreadlocks back them didn’t look stylish but looking like a bum. My guess is that, if Officer Faulkner wasn’t mad at Billy’s corrupt newsstand, he, Billy and Poppy (not Poppie) hatched a plan to deprogram Mumia, But Billy and Poppy chickened out when the plan got brutal and Officer Faulkner turned on them. No matter what happened Mumia and Billy still don’t want the world to know.

After Mumia was arrested he when first transported to court from the jail cell screamed that there was a plot to sacrifice a cop to shut Mumia and John Africa’s truths up, and never explained further. In spring 1982, I wrote a letter about my Mumia, never mentioning my suspicion that the stress brainwashed him. But they made the letter the headline article. Mumia was mad they published my rambling letter instead of his prison correspondence article which included Move’s favorite epithets. Move picketed the Tribune and when I crossed their picket line to pick up my article they pulled me to the ground, but the headlines screamed that they beat me up. All copies are missing from the Philadelphia Main Library microfiche. Pam Africa and the other older Move members remember but even if it gets the Move 9 released, don’t want people to be reminded that they were once considered a crazy cult. My copies all disappeared in some weird break-ins. Please the media and the Philadelphia Historical Society become alarmed by the disappearing record. Please Larry Krasner right now even before you are elected despite former DA Lynn Abraham’s vicious attack ads, agree to appoint Beth Grossman the head of the Victim's unit. And Beth please agree to appoint Krasner assistant DA in charge of police abuse cases and/or issues.

By the way on August 8, 1978, I was part of the mass arrests following the first Philly Move Philly confrontation, heading toward the Night Owl train, an activist Ali Shabaz was on the 13 trolley who was at first very excited it that was the day the police were evicting Move. He was excited until I asked whether the Quaker Friendly Presence knew about it, and calmed down, but tore off the trolley at 33rd Street. I came back and circled to 34th and Powelton where a crowd had gathered including kids as young as 6 and 7-years old with their bicycles.  Wallis Muhammed a local Black Muslim leader came and yelled, “Get your woman and children off the street”. Ali argued with him that children as young as 6 or 7 were dying in South Africa as Wallis backed up taking the listening crowd with them. Black Muslims kept removing children some returning but without their bicycles.  When someone threw a firecracker from the abandoned building the cops on horseback charged as the crowd fled, except me who just stood there. Fortunately the children’s bicycles had been removed or the US would have resembled South Africa where children died during protests. In the Roundhouse Officer Magazzu demanded of me, “Don’t you think the cops can do their job.” In the cell with me was Sasha Finestein (misspelled) who I met latter no longer as a radical but a Hussidic Jew . He was crying that he let his girlfriend down by getting arrested. He cried that he tripped an officer rushing the abandoned building. Something in court, Officer Magazzu swore I did. If the sniper who fired one bullet from toward Market Street and Lancaster Ave. that led to Officer Ramp killed by friendly fire was a lefty, he might have been a friend of a friend of Sasha who could still if alive be arrested, and the Move 9 let out of prison Innocence Project style.

My first lawyer was Anthony Jackson the lawyer Mumia hated. I was incensed that I was offered a Suspended Sentence instead of given a medal for my role of getting Quaker monitors at the scene. There was a payphone at 34th and Race. Tony Jackson told me I had two choices accept the Suspended Sentence or no matter what keep demanding a jury trial. Innis my next lawyer kept trying to insist that I take a plea deal and my aunt Stasia Hayman became exhausted several dozen times coming to Philadelphia to attend my trials, When he said he got a good deal with Judge Debona, and my aunt said, “Now listen to your lawyer” I felt trapped.  Sure enough he sentenced me to 6 to 23 months in prison and he turned to my brother asking “What Happened. The Daily News had a daily Kanegis Watch headline and the Inquirer had a headline too until a new judge freed me.

To go back a moment I tried to get the famous defense lawyer Kalvin Khan so hard that I got Kalvin Khan as my landlord. I had a big mound of unsorted papers that took up half a room and might have included a copy or photocopy of the disappeared Philadelphia Tribune headlines of me crossing Move’s Philadelphia Tribune picket line.

I ended up rushing Kalvin to the hospital several times mostly by calling 911, but once by an cab where they placed him in a wheel chair, and when his turn came up rushed him to the emergency room ripping off his clothes instead of undressing him. I had Kalvin’s key to his apartment on my wall and he kept the front door shades open, except the mail carrier who is now covering 22nd and Market which was Sidney Hillman, now Fox Apartments can testify except the weekend Kalvin Khan died. That weekend Kalvin’s key was missing from my wall and his key draw was empty. Monday morning I yelled at his door open up or I will call the police. John Lukins, Kalvin’s new handyman was at the front door supposedly for over an hour fixing the doorbell.  After Kalvin died he talked the executor into letting him stay and clean Kalvin’s apartment, then to getting his food stamps there. Instead of cleaning he moved a lot of trash in making Kalvin’s apartment more cluttered then mine. A potential buyer a international shady realetor  got him to put up a huge for sale sign with ropes with an 800 number on it, that buyer agreed to buy the building without down payment providing me and Lukin’s move out on a certain day. I was in Kalvin’s will as being able to stay there until his cat died. In the meantime Pam Africa had an executive meeting in Clark Park while Lukins was there, Pam yelled at me stay put and don’t make scene until the meeting was over. A visitor was at the meeting mentioning a psychological conference that he wanted Pam and maybe a few other Move members to attend.

Back to the day Kalvin died which I want the new DA to interpret as murder.  When I yelled into Kalvin’s first floor apartment front door, Open up or I will call the police” John Lukins said, “Claudia, Kalvin’s (new) girl friend had a key. I said, “What is her number”. He said he would call Claudia from my apartment. I said, “let’s call from the A Plus Sunoco pay phone at 45th and Baltimore. He said “No” so I strung a hundred foot phone extension cord down the stairs, and he talked to Claudia for 10 minutes or was it a monologue?  I tore off running to the payphone pleading 911 to send an ambulance fast, but more than an hour later it still hadn’t arrived. Crying to 911 again, the dispatcher explained another call came seconds before yours saying and old man was missing, it probably was nothing but should be checked. The ambulance came but  Kalvin was already dead. Claudia soon called Robert Gaspero Esc. who had rented the garage to come get his car because the house was being sold. I went down to the morgue and asked the coroner to investigate Kalvin’s death as murder, but the coroner refused.

911 calls are archived including the mini-market phone number. And my s econd call acoustics can show from my land phone with a strangely 100 ft phone extension cord.  Pam Africa and other Move members can testify about their picket that is missing from the historic newspaper record. Philadelphia can prove that Egomaniac-in-chief is not Pro-police. If Beth Grossman in an election surprise is elected the next DA, she can still appoint Larry Krasner assistant DA in charge of police abuse cases. Philadelphia-Inquirer-Daily-News stop blocking the historic record by making people pay. Philadelphia Historical Society do your job like you told me 8 years ago of correlating the historic record of the 1980’s in Philadelphia.

By Richard Kane, Kanegis – RichardKanePA your social media marketing partner


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