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Report from the Hinterland: Dodging Boomerangs

Written by CGardner   
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 13:27

The neverending attempts by the conservatives to decentralize governmentally guaranteed healthcare will continue as long as a single conservative has access to a single seat in government. Long ago, the conservative philosophy was dealt a crippling blow by FDR's New Deal, and conservatives have never rested and will not rest until their final attack punctures the heart of the New Deal and all subsequent progressive agendas. Universal healthcare is just the current target, and block grants to the States are the weapons the conservatives hope to drive through the heart of guaranteed health care for all American citizens.  A few months ago, in an offhand remark, one United States Senator from one of the southern States laid the conservative strategy bare. The strategy is mind boggling simple: once the individual States are given block grants from the federal government that each individual State can apportion as each State "sees fit," then, by marginalizing the poorer people who currently are citizens of conservative States, these poorer citizens will be forced to move to "progressive" States. As the poor people flow from conservative States to progressive States, the burden on the conservative States of providing for their struggling citizens will drastically diminish, while that burden on the progressive States will drastically increase. Eventually, the cost of providing for this influx of struggling people will force progressive States to give up guaranteed healthcare, and conservatives will claim their "victory" as just another proof of the failure of progressive philosophy. And then? Well, it's on to puncture the hearts of the rest of the progressive guarantees: the minimum wage, unemployment insurance, workers' comp, the war on poverty, the war on hunger, preschool programs, etcetera. In case you haven't noticed, it doesn't matter how many times the conservatives miss their targets, because their weapons are boomerangs that simply return to the throwers' hands only to be launched again and again at whatever targets the conservatives are aiming to destroy. And, as for the rest of us, well, we'd better get used to dodging boomerangs, 'cause the boomerangs will be flying fast and furious at us for the foreseeable future. your social media marketing partner

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