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5 Tips How to Promote Your Ideas If You Are a Blog Writer

Written by juliepetersen88   
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 14:14

Therefore, focusing on delivering top quality content should be your number one priority.


Another perk of blogging is that you get the chance of building up your brand while establishing your business entity as an authority. Customer loyalty can be achieved through smart blogging as well. More than that, your conversion rate shall also improve.

Blogging is indeed effective, but not without a well-thought-out promotion strategy. So, you should definitely consider learning how to promote your blog. This is exactly the purpose of this article – to teach you how to promote your blog in the best possible manner.

Start by Creating Quality

In order to promote your blog, you must deliver awesome content. There are enormous amounts of free content all over the web. So, if you wish to be acknowledged, you must create mind-blowing content.

  • Your blog must cover something that is totally new or it should talk about an existing topic, but from a totally new perspective.

  • Your blog must deliver top-notch content.

Keeping these “laws” in mind will save you from a lot of unnecessarily hassle.

Covering something completely new might be a pretty difficult task. Most topics are already covered. What’s to be done in this situation? Either look for a new, untouched subject, or, if you consider that you have a totally new perspective on a certain topic, even if it’s already covered by somebody else, give it a shot.

As we already said, delivering valuable content should be your top priority if you wish to drive traffic to your blog. Now, let’s take a look at 5 tips that will definitely serve you well throughout this process:

1. Leverage Social Media

Once you published a new blog post, share it as much as possible. Share it on your social media groups, pages, and personal and business accounts. That’s one way of advertising your ideas through social media. In case you do not have a social media community, start building one right now. It’s important to be consistent with your content development and distribution process; otherwise, your website visitors will stop visiting!

2. Build and Maintain an Email-List

If you do not already own an email list, you should immediately start building one. It’s crucial to understand that sending emails only to encourage your subscribers to buy your latest products is not an effective strategy.

When sending an email to your subscribers, think about what you would like to receive if you were one of them. So, in order to maintain and grow your email list, you must also send helpful content on a consistent basis. At some point, the content will be shared by your subscribers, and this will lead to an increase in brand awareness.

3. Send Your Emails During the Best Possible Times

In order to send your emails at the right time, you may take advantage of the new feature included by MailChimp. What’s this feature about? With this tool, you will be able to know the best days and hours to send your emails. How did they manage to create such a tool? They’ve done a vigilant research regarding the activity of millions of people’s inbox.


4. Participate in Forums

Forums are a great way of promoting your blog. All you have to do is find forums that are relevant to your specific subjects and participate in conversations with other people. Make sure to present interesting facts and ideas.

This way you will attract the people’s attention to yourself and your blog. Remember to add your blog link to each of your posts, so people may follow it. The more valuable your posts are the more attention you will draw to your blog.


5. Run Contests

Another fantastic way of promoting your blog lies in creating contests. Besides drawing traffic to your blog, this strategy will improve your communication with your subscribers while establishing a long-term relationship with them.

There are tools like Rafflecopter that can help you host these contests right on your website. Creating a contest is a great way to gather comments on your blog, drive email opt-ins, and generate social transmission.

All these effects will help you drive traffic to your blog while enhancing your community. In order for all these to happen, you must make sure that the prize is valuable and exciting. For example, the price can be your newest product, like an eBook or a service.


Writing mind-blowing blog posts represents hard work. So, if you have already worked so hard writing them, you should make sure that your content gets read by as many people as possible. Also, if you running out of schedule you can ask best essay writing companies to help you with blogging. These 5 methods are truly effective and they should be put into real practice if you wish to expand the reach of your blog. Nevertheless, if you are really passionate about blogging, you should constantly look for new methods of promoting your blog. your social media marketing partner

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