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writing for godot

A Letter to Republican Lawmakers

Written by B.T. Hill   
Saturday, 06 January 2018 23:31


Your boss, the 45th President, is not stable.

Please recognize this.

We all do.

The entire world does.

There is a real danger here, don’t you see?

For the sake of this country & the world, do something!

Take steps, now, to remove him from office.

It’s obvious he’s temperamentally unsuited for the gargantuan responsibility of the presidency.

He’s mentally distracted by feelings of persecution, is erratic, vindictive & childish.

These are not desirable tendencies for the President of the United States.

Medical professionals indicate he may be in cognitive decline.

He also appears to possess personality disorders which make him perilously unfit for office.

This means he is a danger not only to the United States but the world.

Our country cannot continue to function coherently on daily distractions of a clearly volatile mind.

The dizzying array of fabrications put forth by the president in the past year are diversions, which are intended to distract us from the one fact:

He truly is not fit to be President of the United States – period!

Mental acuity is but one faction.

His obvious ignorance of how government works, blatant disregard of rule of law & protocol are undermining this democracy.

No president has openly & repeatedly taunted politicians, business executives, luminaries, or called world leaders names.

This is childish.

It isn’t funny anymore.

It can’t be passed off as a “learning curve.”

Step back from your party loyalty or fear of a presidential backlash to consider this:

  • You work for the American people.
  • Every single one of you pledged to uphold the Constitution, is that not correct?
  • It is your duty to act in the *best interests* of the American people.

By ignoring this “elephant in the room,” it means you are not doing your jobs.

We have a problem.

The man elected president is showing signs of decreased mental capacity & stability.

Do something about it, now.

The world can’t wait another 3 years. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
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0 # chapdrum 2018-01-07 21:42
"...His obvious ignorance of how government works, blatant disregard of rule of law & protocol are undermining this democracy..."
Isn't that the idea? Don and his wrecking crew are not interested in acting in accord with democratic principles; they see democracy as an impediment (but are usually seen with flag pins).

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