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10 Reasons Trump Won’t Last Four Years

Written by Robert S. Becker   
Thursday, 28 December 2017 17:46

Reckoning Looming, WH Defenses Weakening


Compared even to impeachment-bound presidents like Nixon or Clinton, the menacing targets on Trump’s ample rear end are expanding — worsened by their Constitutional heft and huge political downsides. Highly significant, not one juicy, early Trump-sized scandal has gone away — instead getting amplified by convicted campaign thuggery.

If liable for only half the crimes and misdemeanors alleged, many popularly accepted (Russian complicity, obstruction, profiteering, lawless finance entanglements), Trump still bounds past more impeachment thresholds than any other president. Why not jumpstart 2018 by celebrating -- something close to half the country already welcomes impeachment? That good cheer borders on the astonishing when considering the replacement — the clownishly humdrum, grimly ambitious Mike Pence. 

Whereas Nixon took years to violate campaign laws, to lie and cover up crimes, then worked to punish “enemies” while obstructing justice, Trump notched all these with serial immediacy. No president competes with Trump’s muddled, untransparent financial finagling — confirming what matters above all is not what he knows but what he owes and to whom. No one matches his undisguised contempt for even the notion he and family are chockablock with conflicts of interest. 

Despite Clinton’s tawdry excesses, he at least waited to trade cash for influence until he departed. No one before Trump so single-mindedly eyes political office as plucking golden apples, nor executes more media mayhem to facilitate “returns on investment” -- just count the time, energy and alleged brilliance on the line.

So, here’s why I think Trump won’t have to run for re-election:

1) The Smoking Gun of Obstruction: By crudely firing Comey, Trump obstructed the spirit, if not justice itself, then openly confessed his own self-serving calculations to shield Flynn. What non-banana republic tolerates its discredited top dog demanding “loyalty” before firing a non-partisan investigator of that dog’s own malfeasance? Later he added literal personal insults to the injury. The bluntness of Trump’s confession make it game, set and match for bigly corruption. Good news coming, the Mueller Massacre should add fuel to every scandalous violation.

2) Divisively Clueless on Governance: Getting elected (thanks, Electoral College) doesn’t negate being a “moron,” nor prove you have a clue about acting presidential. Who’s made more of a mockery of being “president of all the people”?  Trump’s equally clueless on the Washington swamp, hypocritically feeding the worst, greediest alligators. What about scorn for both parties, the good “establishment” and the bad, or bedrock agencies (the FBI, federal judiciary, let alone top intelligence agencies). That Trump believes in nothing (other than status and treasure) is bad enough. But decimating collective assumptions that unify any democracy (that reality exists, that we have a non-politicized judiciary) makes him a disruptive anarchist, not populist insurgent. Knowing so little (and about so much) is worsened only by his refusal to learn on the job: “governance” for Trump under duress comes down to inventing whoppers that hardly deflect intrusive scandals and gruesome failures.

3) What Smart Demagogue Plays Only to Shrinking Base? Is anything more suicidal if re-election matters, even keeping hard-won control of Congress? Rampaging erratically, as if loaded with permanent immunity, is a self-defeating delusion of epic proportions. When does disapproval by 2/3s or more not sound his death knell? All the billionaire money in the world won’t offset belligerently, even stupidly offending centrist swing voters in key states.

4) “Alternative Realities” Without Populist Payoffs: Fake populism won’t wash when you screw your own on health care and taxation, plus do nothing for either infrastructure funding or better paying jobs programs. How long will the base tolerate Trump grandstanding, wherein sound bite pandering obscures a void of real-world deliverables? Because fake reality eventually becomes real news, Trump lacks enough smarts to pull off his own blatantly infamous hustle. No idiot gets away with talking constant nonsense without irreversible exposure. It would take a political genius to pull off all the Trump cons which, aside from virtually undoable (the Wall, the Ban), inform his festering presidency.

5) Sexual Harassment Not Going Away: Just because Trump sleazed his way to winning doesn't mean this explosive issue is dead and buried. Our positive Era of Harassment Exposure cannot leave its most prominent malefactor untouched. The key metric is awakened suburban women, convinced there’s hurtful fire behind the crassly boasted Trump smoke. Rank patriarchy is now the biggest media bulls-eye — and thus deep, undeniable character scars don’t evaporate. Already, hiding years of tax returns pales against denying sexual predations, worse still, attacking the victims as liars and threatening litigation that never comes.

6) Deadly Doom of Nepotism, especially when the family is more dim-witted, more oblivious and less slick than papa. America does honor family legacies, but not when kin keep slipping on bananas, rising up only to go splat again. Nothing like having a brood that reinforces your worst self-dealing proclivities. And as for touted claims about deal-making — “fahget-it,” as they say in Queens, NY. What even tiny prizes surface from all that Russian complicity, or attacks on judges, Gold Star families or the FBI, playing nice with China, even pandering on Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol? Boy, are we tired of so much winning — or what?

7) Foreign Affairs Debacles. Is chaos and policy/cabinet contradictions the new normal? Must not a president occasionally agree with his own State Dept.? Okay, Donald Deal-maker, name one overseas relationship or region that’s made America stronger or more trusted under your watch? European allies are scandalized, the Middle-east is worse, Syria is lost, and Iran is dangerously pissed. Could the North Korea mess be worse (short of war) after juvenile name-calling? How long will Trump’s war on science, plus defunding all-important research, not impoverish American interests while handing opportunities to China, India, and Europe? On Solar? Wind? Transportation? Flight and rocket technology? High-profit environmental and climate solutions? How long will princely CEOs tolerate squandered power, less market penetration and shredded geopolitical hegemony?

8) Unimpeachable Unpopularity. Is Trump so arrogant to think he's outlawed bad electoral reactions? Not in VA or AL! When does losing one-third of support in nine months indicate a trend? How low will Trump go before the GOP chooses survival over slavish sycophancy? Here's to the unprecedented, fairly non-partisan resistance that shouts, “enough is more than enough.” Even gobs of GOP millions, gerrymandering and voter suppression can't impede an unstoppable tsunami.

9) Perpetual Nastiness is Nasty. On a good day, Trump’s a nasty piece of work, a defective know-it-all who lies badly, far too often, then refuses to correct, let alone apologize. Dumb fabrications aren’t just easy pickings but laden with sneering moralism. Judging those more worthy and better informed is growing thin: he claims to know the price of everything while not knowing the moral value of anything. A religious hypocrite, Trump the fundamentalists’ favorite appears devoid of (Christian) compassion, charity, or trustworthiness. Thus bigotry, arguably channeled from his racist father, erupts from his cauldron of regressive mental stereotypes.

10) Trumpery Defies What Makes America Great. Trump seems hell-bent on reversing the idea of what truly makes America great: our vibrant, prosperity-serving melting-pot wherein immigrant origins do not determine choice, citizenship or success (slave and Native populations aside, hardly immigrants). Trump’s white, allegedly Christian nationalism defaults to hardcore racial, religious and ethnic tests for Americanism, an impeachable offense IMO. If Trump stays in power more than the minimum, that reinforces a reactionary lurch that favors the Trump-Bannon-Moore betrayal of our higher angels. Exiling Trump before 2020 can begin to re-establish the glory of American tolerance, on which depends our moral progress and prosperity. When a huge critical mass rejects Trumpery for what it is -- a desecration of the best of America -- pressure against Trump will gain inexorable momentum.  Four years of having to endure gross unfitness is a long and treacherous time. your social media marketing partner


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0 # Robert S. Becker 2017-12-31 15:44
Come on guys, which big reason did I miss in my list? I can't imagine I covered all the reasons Trump shoots himself in the foot, in the head, in the wig. RB
0 # davehaze 2018-01-01 19:20
You missed the fact that he is going to resign in befuddlement, incapable of keeping any thoughts in his head.
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-01-02 09:17
I also missed that he might get very sick, even die while president, as one reader pointed out elsewhere. Of course, the truly befuddled, like dementia patients, tend to get irrationally rigid, making it seem to me less likely he resigns in this condition. Instability is allergic to rationality, but if enough GOPers say he must go or be impeached, that's when resignation, as with Nixon, rears its lovely head. And the 25th amendment looms, though that seems a long shot.
+2 # Moxa 2018-01-02 23:16
All of this would be more believable if we still lived in a functioning democracy. Trump is a symptom of a disease bigger than himself. He is the result of a nearly totally corrupt political system; a world owned and run by corporations and billionaires who don't care about what the people want. They have taken over the media as well as the politicians.

The system has to be functional, has to be based on principles if it is going to impeach anyone. If the structure is collapsing who is there left to police it?

Even if the Democrats get into power, their leaders have already said they are against impeachment. Where is the moral authority in this country? The Democrats better start looking at their responsibility for the situation we are in. Until they stand up and stand for something--like getting money out of politics--we are only moving deck chairs around on the Titanic. Even if the Democrats win, big money will still be running the show. That is the problem. Trump is the inevitable outcome of the decadence of our society; an opportunistic infection in a diseased system.
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-01-03 10:56
When exactly did we have the ideal of a functioning democracy? Not when Nixon was forced out, threatened with impeachment in the '70's? We've always had voter suppression and some aspects of corruption. I never said I endorse the impeachment/Sen ate conviction model as there are too many Republicans, thus 67 for conviction is unlikely. I think the most likely scenarios are Trump goes via forced resignation or the VP invokes the 25th amendment after Trump loses the little brainpower left in his aging brain and body.

Democratic leadership say right now they're not pushing impeachment, though five House Dems strongly pushed for a resolution in late Nov. But I've never heard any top leaders say they would never impeach Trump. When they hold the majority in the House, rest assured there will be in-depth inquires very unlike today's farcical House investigations.
+1 # Moxa 2018-01-03 14:09
You may be right. But I'm saying that what SHOULD happen, for ethical, logical, legal or even practical reasons, may not, as long as political advantage is at play, which turns everything on its head. It makes things unpredictable. One thing is certain: we'll find out!
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-01-03 12:52
Wash Post headline, "New Trump book: Bannon’s ‘treasonous’ claim, Ivanka’s presidential ambitions and Melania’s first-lady concerns"

More fuel, from an inside source, on the fire that makes Trump look bad, even that he must go, that he did know about Russian complicity, that the White House cover-up is all about money-launderin g, and that Trump's family implicates the president (providing Mueller a clear path). So we now have an epic Reason # 11 why Trump doesn't last four years.
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-01-05 12:43
More critical, mounting evidence Trump intentionally attempted to shut down Russian inquiry and obstruct justice re Comes. Watergate, here we come . . . and none of it looks positive for the president. Perhaps I should rewrite my headline, "Trump Won't Last Two Years," per®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

"Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation"
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-01-16 12:02
One more reason I didn't know about a week ago: there could be more porn stars or straight out prostitutes that come forward, having been paid off by Trump for services rendered AFTER he married Melania. Stormy Daniels, alleged paid $130K, is likely not alone. Drip, drip, drip . . . and the litigation from abused women (remember the large campaign list) continues in the courts.

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