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writing for godot

More than ‘Moron,’ More Like Plague

Written by Robert S. Becker   
Monday, 09 October 2017 02:52

No genius on tap, no chiefdom from Exxon,
To ratify Trumpster as “f—king moron.”
What worldly henchman, wise to swagger,
Wouldn’t spot a brazen knuckle-dragger?

On point, English is especially rich
When pinpointing the stupid, half-wit ditz.
A palette wide: fool, idiot, cretinous twit,
Or dimwit, dingbat, dunce absent of wit.

Doesn’t sleazy Trump provoke animus,
The poster child — epic ignoramus?
Yet here’s no lummox, nor common klutz
No careless loudmouth, nor low-class putz.

How long before millions come face to face,
As evidence mounts, here’s a mental case?
The Liar-in-Chief is no mere schlemiel —
Outdoing the garden-variety imbecile.

Were President Phony only a dunce,
A mirror to Dubya in ignorance,
He’d be slammed as “useful” nincompoop,
A pathetic mark we’d write off as dupe.

But “moron” doesn’t equate with malice,
Numbskulls need not be so callous;
You can be stupid and have empathy —
Unlike Trump’s vicious, raging enmity.

For months ago we surpassed “moronic,”
Trump’s calamity smacks of plague bubonic.
Divisive, cruel, the whining, wounded victim,
Well beyond LeBron’s J's restrained “U bum.”

Malevolence makes the willful fool worse,
And Trumpery glories in being perverse;
That empowers an unfit, deranged thug:
Now the real puzzle: how to pull the plug. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+1 # Adagio 2017-10-10 12:51
That's great. I think somebody could set a beat to it, and you've got a great rap tune.

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