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writing for godot

What if North Korea Turned out the Lights in America?

Written by Philip Kraske   
Friday, 29 December 2017 04:29

Of late I've read of a rumor,
To put Pyongyang out of humor,
Us whacking their bases and such,
Just a quick dusting, not much,
To show them what they're in for,
If they go and start a new war.

The trouble with shock-and-awe,
Is it always earns a hee-haw.
Bagdad's a perfect example:
Bombing all night just a sample,
Of what Iraq could expect,
If they didn't show us respect.

Which was not in the least success,
And earned us only duress,
As rooftop snipers took aim,
And roadside bombers were game.
How hard the lesson is learned,
S-and-A always gets burned.

To which exception I make,
In the ongoing case at stake,
Where I think well it would work,
And for us be truly a perk,
If Kim sent shot across bow,
And brought some sweat to our brow.

He drones an internet farm,
Hangs Netflix with all its smarm,
Downs ten lanes of overpass,
Makes miles of traffic so crass,
Lights matches in the right place,
So Ventura loses more grace.

Because that's the future of war:
Not bombs that hit Marine corps,
But no water spilling from taps,
Power lines that somebody snaps,
Prob's sent to any locale,
The jobs booked off to PayPal.

We'd thank Kim for giving us pause,
A timely gift worthy of Claus,
And though he may have his nukes,
I think we'd glad put down dukes,
Make Wash-town give peace a chance,
And not treat war like a dance. your social media marketing partner

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