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How to Get the Most Out of Your College Life

Written by Karen Dikson   
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 23:38

Be honest: do you want to be one of those students who spend their entire years at college commuting between the dorm room and lecture halls? All they do is study, write essays, and study some more. On the other hand, do you want to be one of those students who do nothing more than partying? They waste thousands of dollars on college and they fail to get the education they pay for. None of these extremes is good for you.

So how do you get the ultimate college experience that combines your studies with memorable experiences? We have just the tips you need!

1. Develop a Friendship with Your Roommate

It’s not easy to live with someone when that someone is not family or a partner. They have their own habits and routines that don’t fit with yours. You’ll want to study when they want to listen to music. They will want to sleep when you want to invite someone over. It’s hard, but not impossible to develop a friendship with this person.

Building a bond with your roommate will make your college life much more special. You have to live with this person, so it’s best not to pick any fights. Moreover, it’s best to have a great time together with them. Be generous. Share your food. Help them with assignments. Keep them company when they are going through a hard time. Watch Game of Thrones together. Just hang out with your roommate and be a team player.

2. Try New Things

We’re not talking about anything illegal here. We’re talking about experiences. The college campus is the epitome of diversity. You have an opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions. Try their food. Ask them to tell you about their countries. You can even plan a trip there!

Get a hobby! You always wanted to try skydiving? Convince some of your friends to try it together. Go camping. Join a reading club. Sign up for a yoga class. Keep exploring your interests!

3. Get an Internship or a Part-Time Job

"It’s no secret: your college studies are not giving you everything you need to face the real world after graduation. Employers will want to see some experience, too. You’ll get the most out of this period of your life if you get a part-time job or internship relevant to your professional interest.

During my senior year of college, I went through an internship where I could use writing talent. After successfully passing the 3-months internship, I got a job offer. That's how I turn an internship in my first full-time job." - shares Susan Gibson, academic writer at BestEssays.

Think about your future. Where do you see yourself? What experience is needed for entry positions? How can you get it? If you can’t find a job or an internship, volunteer in an organization whose mission is close to the way you envision your career.

4. Understand What Happiness Means

Happy doesn’t mean being the drunkest person at a party. Happy doesn’t mean eating pizza every day for a month. Happy means taking care of your body and soul. It means achieving goals that are good for you. It’s about gaining experiences that help you grow.

Don’t confuse being adventurous with doing something illegal. Don’t take risks without calculating the outlook. You’re an adult now. Be responsible and aim towards true, greater happiness.

5. Be Active

You think you don’t have time for exercise and learning new languages? When do you think you’ll have time? When you find a job after graduation? No. You can make the time now! Even if you have just twenty minutes of free time in a day, it’s enough to get moving.

You’ll be happier when you take care of your body. Physical exercise will give you more energy. It will help you get rid of stress. It makes you stronger to face new challenges.

6. Overcome the Feeling of Being Trapped

Many college students get depressed because they feel trapped. In between classes, writing papers, and studying, they feel like they have no time for anything else. Everything becomes a routine. You mustn’t allow that to happen.

Remember: this is what you wanted. Education doesn’t trap you. On the contrary; it opens doors to a brighter future. Pick classes you like. Explore all concepts from a new point of view. Meet new people. Have some fun! You’re young and free. No one is trapping you anywhere.

Most of All, Get Involved!

Don’t be a passive player in your own life. Live. Love. Have fun! With so many new things to explore, college life never gets boring. Get involved in all kinds of activities. Above all, be a good friend. That’s how you get the most out of college life: through the bonds, you develop with your new friends. your social media marketing partner

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