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5 Essential Gadgets that Will Improve Future Classrooms

Written by Sharon Hooper   
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 00:57

Technology is making a big impact on our lives – starting from medicine and business, through education or even dating, technological advance is essential. Making use of it means improved efficiency, better outcomes, and more productive methods to reach goals.

Teachers and educators throughout the United States are grateful for the use of technology in schools. 80% of them believe that access to technology is either good or great, while 75% actively use it in class with their students. The problem is that lately, things haven’t been using as quickly as they used to.

Unfortunately, the technology has been slowly improving or has not been improving at all lately,” admits Rebecca Pelt, a teacher at Oak Park Academy. 3 out of 5 teachers in primary and secondary education complain about outdated technologies that influence their students’ performance in class. More than 40% of the US teachers think that their students are never on top of the newest trends in technology, which slows the learning process. Let’s look at some good (and inexpensive) gadgets to be used in the near future.

1.3D Printers

3D Printing can literally change lives. Think about hurricanes or avalanches. Printing defence mechanisms and designing them accordingly might change lives. Of course, I am talking about higher education. Supporting 3D printing in college is important, and subsidizing it is the most certain way in which we can achieve real results.

Using 3D printers guarantees innovative inventions and fast problem solving which can help our communities greatly. It can also play an important role in teambuilding – since students work in groups to change the world, right? – but also in teaching our kids empathy or kindness.

2.Flexible displays and digital textbooks

Technology makes everything so much easier! Unbelievably, using digital displays and textbooks will keep students healthy. Getting rid of the heavy backpacks will make them prone to walk again! And isn’t walking innovative, eco-friendly, and smart? Although sad, nowadays it is.

A new exciting way of learning is using smartwatches in class. Searching for online information whenever we need to is convenient, and it is quick. The watches work similar to smartphones, but way faster. They are also easier to carry and handle.

3.Design games for learning

Designing games is a great way to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and brainstorming skills. Children learn faster if they are doing something they enjoy – and designing games are one of the most enjoyable and fun activities there are! Moreover, gaming is helping children get rid of inhibitions and experience new “personalities” – in the end, role-playing is not damaging anybody, is it? They are just playing with characters!

Robert Crane, CEO at Bestdissertation, shares his story with us. “I will always be thankful to my high-school educator for teaching me entrepreneurial skills through gaming. I never felt compelled to learn, I did it for fun. And look where it got me!”


Think about a professor in the U.S. who teaches in Europe. A lawyer who wins a case in San Francisco while spending time in the Caribbean. A surgeon demonstrating his skills to his students, without having to be present. So many examples, so much innovation.

Geography is our friend when it comes to holograms. You want to learn Chinese? What if you could actually interact with Chinese people who live in China? Practicing a language would be so much easier. Or maybe you want to deliver a lecture to your dear students while taking a vacation in Los Angeles. No matter the intention, holograms work – and they work pretty dang well!

5.Biometric Devices

Using biometric devices to identify people is very smart. You can identify them through fingerprints, facial recognition, or eye recognition. We can connect these eye-tracking gadgets to the students’ responses to keep track of their progress. We can also test different teaching strategies making use of biometric devices, and personalize learning styles to fit each student’s needs.


Although technology might be scary for some people, it is a very useful tool to use nowadays. Old-school teachers might complain about it, and that is alright – not everybody has to use it. However, no matter how much we disagree with technology, in the end, we still find it to be extremely effective and time-saving. Learning how to properly use it is an important step to take in the classroom, and in the old-school society. It brings us closer to the present generation and helps us evolve with them. your social media marketing partner

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