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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Learning

Written by tomjager   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 20:57

Simply put, mobile learning involves passing and gathering information via a mobile device. As much as it may sound great in theory, mobile learning can be very complex when done practically. This is attributed to by the fact that mobile learning is fast evolving, not to mention various devices have various patterns of use.

A recent report on mobile learning reveals that 47 percent of businesses as well as other organizations already utilize some type of mobile device for e-learning and training activities. In the year 2015, the mobile learning market grew to approximately $8.7 billion. This number is expected to increase to about $12.2 billion by the end of 2017. This goes to show that mobile learning is becoming gradually popular in the online learning platform.

E-learning being receptive simply means that it can be conveyed on various devices, not that it guarantees use on various devices. Under no situation is mobile learning a complete version of your e-learning program on a mobile device.

Below are the various dos and don’ts of mobile learning to bear in mind.


Dos of Mobile Learning

  1. Context generation

Context is key when it comes to mobile learning. Therefore, first discern and understand the context for example, do you wish to provide a performance support or just learning? What is the aim of the program? Once you’ve set the context by pinpointing the goals and demographic you require to be attained, you can begin constructing your mobile learning program.

  1. Maintain a simple navigation system

Ensure your user interface is straightforward and effortless to navigate. The user should practically be able to use one or two thumbs at most to navigate the learning material. Remember that the screen size of a mobile device much smaller compared to that of a desktop screen hence navigation will be more strenuous. Therefore, it would go a long way creating significant buttons play and proportional layouts in order to generate a superb mobile learning course. An example of a site that has displayed this concept well is the pro essay writing service.

  1. Minimized scrolling

As much as scrolling is pertinent in any e-learning course, a good m-learning course should have limited scrolling. Limit the content generated for the module to three scroll lengths. In the event you have a longer module, break down the content into smaller screens with easily-to-pinpoint “next” button especially if you have a lot of content and images to display.

  1. Utilize for assisted learning

Utilize for helpful apps that aid learning for example the AI app and Photomath. Instructors may disapprove of it, but learners love it. Imagine pointing your camera at a math problem and you get the answer right away- that is what Photomath does. Moreover, it provides a breakdown of the solution to the problem to show you how the answer was arrived at. This is useful.

  1. Utilize mobile friendly technology

In order for your mobile learning to be responsive, you need to consider the portrait and landscape orientation during the design phase. Employ technology such as HTML5, which aside from being mobile friendly, helps devising m-learning modules sturdy, versatile, responsive and faster. Just remember that less is more when it comes to m-learning.


Don’ts of Mobile Learning

  1. Payment expectations

Do not expect any payment from learners unless there is a stipulated agreement of this approach. This should be obvious but often ignored when designing m-learning.

  1. Bulk information

Everything has to be crisp with mobile including the information. M-learning content has to be nibble-sized and divided in sections, keeping in mind battery life, the memory restrictions and the short attention spans. Having an outlined content plan at the start of every module aids in making the goals of the module clear as well as determine the expectation of the learner. Moreover, you need to think about the comprehensive file size of the course. This helps in ensuring it doesn’t compromise the device-s storage capacity, ease in downloads and use both online and offline modes. Sometimes looking at examples of badly designed sites helps you realize how your site SHOULD NOT be.

  1. Falsify mobile metrics

Unexpectedly, there is confusion regarding mobile devices. When someone is said to be using a ‘mobile device’ it’s not the same as someone using a ‘tablet’. What’s puzzling is that some people report mobile use as phones and tablets. If that’s’ the case, who’s to say that laptops don’t also fall in that criteria? This is a sledge of hand; hence do not falsify mobile metrics.


In the same manner that tablets have been advertised in schools as being limited in terms of convoluted learning performances such as coding, tools and long-form writing among others, mobiles are advertised in formal learning. Do not treat all your gadgets as conveying devices. Various devices have various learning distinctions.


Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook. your social media marketing partner


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