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8 Must-know Trends in Mobile App Design

Written by Sharon Hooper   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 04:27

If you run a small business, you might already have a mobile application which helps you with its promotion. And that’s smart! Mobile apps have become so popular nowadays that you can’t afford not having one. In order to search for the wanted products, customers go through the app and find the items they’re looking for right away! No more time wasted searching, they know exactly where to find their favourite products.

Now we get to the next question: is your app good enough to avoid frustrating the customer? If the answer to that question is “no,” you need to improve its quality. When consumers get frustrated, they stop browsing for products and therefore, stop buying from you. And I know that’s not exactly your number one wish, is it?

In order to attract more customers, you must offer your clients a catchy user experience. If your app is not trendy enough, or its design is just meh, your business will definitely suffer financially. So take time to go through this list of must-know trends in mobile app design.

  1. Adjust Your App to Different Screens

Most apps are designed for small screens; lately though, there has been a popular preference for oversized smartphones. Also, customers started using tablets instead of laptops in order to have a clearer view of their shopping items. Technology is expanding at a fast pace, and you have to keep up with it. For example, Apple is one of the best app developers on the market – it adapts user interfaces to basically any display or orientation.

That’s why I believe that designing a special app for big screens it’s crucial for you. Keeping up with the competition is essential nowadays, when there are so many companies selling the same product. If you are left behind, your sales will slowly decrease and eventually end.

  1. Use a Simple User Interface

If your interface is too complicated, your clients might have difficulties accessing it. A clear, precise interface makes everything easier for both you and your customers. For the user interface to be simplified, check the below points:

  • The text has to be comprehensible and functional

  • You have to use the benefits of the digital screens

  • Use blank screen space

  • Take in consideration the elements of minimalism

Keep your interface unsophisticated and natural in order to generate user-friendly mobile app designs!

  1. Swipe, Swipe, Swipe

Using the swipe feature is one of the best mobile trends of 2017. Not a long time ago, this feature was basically useless. The phones’ buttons were way too small to tap, so there was no way swiping was trendy. Now that the buttons are large enough, new trends and improvements to this feature are going to appear.

  1. Multiple Choices for Navigating

Surfing the Internet and browsing through apps easily is another fortunate feature of the last year. Customers can now scroll up and down through all the information available – so make sure you have valuable information to share. Your content has to be fit for your clients’ demands, and your app has to be simple to navigate.

  1. Use Eye-Catching Components

Your clients must be attracted to your app page, so the website has to meet some basic criteria. Animation is one of the greatest features to use. Take the following elements into consideration:

  • Have lighten-up Navigation

  • Use zoom in, zoom out content

  • Make app energetic

  • Use visualization effects

  1. Keeping a Close Relationship

If you can keep a close relationship with your customers, you will convince them to buy more of your product. One of the strategies you could use is telling a story to the customer. Present your app in a funny, witty, smart way that is eye-catching! Your story has to be unique and talk them into purchasing more.

  1. Consider Scalable Typography

Clients want a distinctive experience browsing through an app. They observe colours and designs primarily, and are attracted to pretty backgrounds. Using scalable typography, you are giving your customers exactly what they want. Change fonts and size easier and faster using scalable typography. The typical fonts used are big and bold, and their interface uses a lot of empty space.

  1. Dynamic Colors

Fresh, dynamic colours are trendy! They will attract the attention of the public quickly, and offer an amazing user experience. Up to this point, designers used a lot of negative space, but the brand new trend brings new features with it. Alternating black and white backgrounds is a good strategy.

Anthony Osorio, a  freelancer at EduGeeksClub, shares his opinion. “I realized that using orange and green colours increased my sales a lot. People want to see what they are buying, and I cannot stop but notice how attracted they are to colour. I use dynamic colours all the time and it works greatly!”


These are the new mobile app designs available for this year. You should try them all and see which one fits you best. You might like them all and that is great! Having a dynamic design, using user-friendly interface, including swiping and navigation in your app, and utilizing catchy colours will only make your customers happier! your social media marketing partner

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