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10 Actionable Marketing and Branding Tips for New Businesses

Written by Savoie   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 21:13

When you first open a business the main thing to focus on is branding, because forming a brand that is recognizable and trustworthy will bring more income. The first branding activity that most businesses start off with is the creation of the company logo. Once the logo is established it's important to blast it anywhere you can in an effort to improve company recognition.

The main point of branding is to be noticed and nowadays customers buy products only with specific brands. This is because brands have an established reputation, which is why better brands typically receive the lion’s share of the sales in any given marketplace. Having quality products advertised by a brand's logo will have far better success than non-branded companies. However, creating a business that is noticeable is not as easy as it seems.

There are methods you can use to speed up the journey and boost your marketing strategy effectiveness, with that in mind here are 10 of the best tips you can use right now.

Understand Your business

Unfortunately, there is no perfect business strategy, especially when it comes to marketing. What you must understand is no magic formula is used when it comes to successful businesses. Each brand is different and they all offer different marketing strategies, which is why you should not copy any of them. Find out what works for your business through trial and error, whether it’s Facebook ads or SEO.

Always Ask Yourself the Right Questions

There are a few questions you should always be asking yourself to help you keep the brand’s identity intact:

  • What are your target audience demographics?

  • Where are you targeting?

  • How do you get traffic to your services?

  • What is the attention span of your audience?

  • Which social media networks do your customers use and how can you take advantage?

Always keep these questions in your mind at all times.

Get an Award

Winning an award brings you new opportunities, which you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even being at a business award show can help you successfully brand yourself, because there you will meet business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition, this is a great way to make connection and potential business partners, since you can show your product or services to them.

Furthermore, if you manage to capture an award such as “best local design team” then featuring it on your website can help boost sales, since clients will see this and begin to trust the brand.

Build Long-Term Relationships by Providing Great Service

Building a brand from scratch is not easy and keeping returning customers is important, because long-term relationships work out better for business. Getting new clients is far more difficult than keeping old clients, since you have to build trust with new clients. However, if you get your older clients to keep returning then it’s going to lead to a snowball effect, as new clients will see that your brand is high quality.

To build long-term relationships you must stay in touch with the clients and how can you do this? Well, buy email marketing. Ask for their email and update them with your new content daily. However, with this method you must send out emails regularly, and if you don’t have the time then hiring a writing service will help out tremendously.

Make Your Brand Recognizable

All big brands are recognizable, which you should aim to achieve also. First, think of the target audience, what would they like to see? Also, take a look at competitor’s logos, since this can help design a catchier logo. All the best designs are simple, but unique to distinguish.

Pay Attention!

Improving your business is just as important as branding, but many business owners fail to believe this. When a customer purchases a product ask for a review later on, since proof of how great the brand is will only help with marketing. Don’t be afraid of asking, if you provide a good service you have nothing to worry about.

In addition, ask email subscribers to do surveys for discounts, since this way you can gain information and improve products.

Use Google to Your Advantage

Harry Edison a tech at Google believes that too many businesses fails to market, they create brilliant websites and stop there. When someone Google’s your brand they should first see your website and a bunch of other ones promoting it.

Google is the most popular search engine and you must optimize your website around it as Brandon Jones from Bestessays says “What’s the best search engine? Oh, wait let me Google it…”. SEO is what brands should be focusing on in order to grow, since that is how your website will rank at the top of Google. Writing keywords in headers and paragraphs is a great start to begin the process.

Show Yourself to The World

Expose the brand to various social media sites, since there you will reach a wider audience. Creating Facebook pages, Reddit forums and other message boards will only help you generate a fan base. Also, you can create an ad campaign on Facebook, targeting specific audiences to like your page or go to your website.

Stand For What You Believe

During the first stages of growing your brand you will have no identity, but gradually once you start gaining followers knowing which direction you want to go in is vital. Do what you believe is right, even if it means scarifying on profits from time to time. By sticking to your creative integrity you will remain loyal to the fans that have been loyal followers and buyers of your products.

Keep growing

The market is always changing, which is why you must change with it. Take a look at ReeBok as they changed their logo to better suit the target audience. As your brand grows to know what your audience wants. There have been many cases of brands changing their marketing strategy, just because the audience demanded it.


Branding your business is no easy task, but utilizing the tips mentioned in this article correctly will help out tremendously. Remember this is a lengthy process and building a fanbase is not going to be fast, but with hard work and dedication it can be achieved. your social media marketing partner


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