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Impact Which Design Has on Results of Your Marketing Campaign

Written by OliviaRy   
Thursday, 26 October 2017 22:24

We live in the era of information. Basically, with a few clicks, you can find information about anything from changing a baby’s diapers to defusing an atomic bomb. You, as an entrepreneur, need to find the right tactics that will make your business stand out.

The most important thing you should focus on is design. Why? Because a quick glance at an article’s featured image can determine the internet user to visit your page or just keep on scrolling.

The place where design is most important is social media and, according to statistics, Facebook is the most important social network out there. Thus we’ll focus our attention on it.

1.  Marketing Objectives

Before you even start thinking about the design of your next ad, you should be fully aware of its purpose. Would it be increased brand awareness or increased sells? You shouldn’t use an ad describing one of your products when you want to increase your company’s brand. For that, you should create an ad which highlights the added value your company generates for the society.

2.  Less Text For The Win

Before explaining this, I’d like to ask you a question. How many times have you clicked on “Hide Post” because it had 3 books’ worth of text? Don’t bother answering, we both know the answer, lots of times.

Having an image with lots of text can get very distracting and people tend to get pass by them or hide them from their timeline. Try to keep it as simple as possible, a short sentence at most.

3.  Display Your Product in Action

The best way to get your customers’ attention is to give them a glimpse of your product’s best uses. Create a GIF for your product, a small video, a picture with friends using your product.

Also, if you want to add a dash of familiarity to your ad, try to include a group of friends in it. Highlight the great mood generated by your product. Whether you sell ice cream or screws, every person’s mood gets better once your product solved one of their problems.

4.  A Call-to-Action is Necessary

Alright, you’ve presented your product to your audience but, your main purpose is to get them to buy it, right? According to AdRoll, a CTA can increase the click-through rate by 285%. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

George Palmer, Aussie Writings’ Lead Analytics Specialist concluded “If you want your ad to generate sales, it’s vital to add a CTA. Unless you do that, you will waste a large part of your marketing budget.”

5.  No Low-Resolution Images

We’re not in the 90s anymore, in terms of online content, customers’ expectations have skyrocketed. The content you generate for your Facebook audience should be top-notch. Unless you want your ad to get into your audience’s “Hide Post” section, I’d recommend you share high-resolution content. Consider hiring a designer to create your ads. You can keep on a tight budget by hiring a freelancer, that’ll do it.

6.  A/B Testing

Marketing is 60% theory/experience and 40% art. Da Vinci needed 4 years to paint his famous Mona Lisa and you thought you’ll finish the job in a few hours? You need to experiment on and on. You should have at least 3-4 ads active, at the same time, for one product. This way, you’ll be able to identify which element of your ad works best for your audience, at a given time. Create, test, edit, repeat! This is the key to success.


Online marketing is vital for any kind of business out there. Whether we talk about a bricks & mortar business or a click-only company, the online advertising plays a key role in its development.

Before creating ads try to define their objectives. Once that is done, try to make them as appealing as possible, remove the extra text, and use high-resolution images. For a better ROI, add a CTA to your ad and test them regularly. your social media marketing partner

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