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You can publish yourself.

You can publish your work in the Reader Supported News Godot section. It's search-able, it's visible and you decide when to go public with your offerings. Don't perish, publish right here.

How do I post an article?

Register and Login:
1. First register using a working email address.
2. Select "login" to go to the login page, then login.

Post an Article:
1. When you login you will be directed to the Your Articles page.
2. Select "New" in the top left corner.
3. You will now be on the New Article page.
4. Enter the title into the Article Title field as you wish it to appear on the article page. (Do not re-enter the article title at the beginning of the article.)
5. Next to Section: select "Godot Articles".
6. Next to Category: select the category you wish your article to be filed under.
7. Type or paste your article into the "Article text" box. (See "Tips on Writing Articles" at the bottom of this page.)
8. Enter a description of the article in the "Meta Description" box.
9. Enter a few keywords in the "Meta Keywords" box.
10. When you are done, select "Save and Submit Article for Approval".
11. You will receive an email from "Writing for Godot" confirming that your article has been submitted.
12. You will either receive another email confirming that your article has been published or an email explaining that is has been rejected and why.

Why is it called "godot"?

For an explanation of the name, take a look at the "Who is This?" page.

How long until my article is approved?

Usually within 24 hours. You can speed up the process and improve your chances of a successful submission by following the "Tips on Writing for godot" at the bottom of this page.

Tips on Writing for godot:

We recommend you write the article in an email or word processor then paste it into the "Article Text" box.

Our system of processing and saving articles is decent, but we still recommend you write articles on your own computer first.

In order to simplify and secure the godot section, godot articles contain no html formatting except line breaks. This means no bold, no italics, no indents and absolutely no links or embedded video. Your canvas is the written word. We trust your creativity to let the truth shine through.

Avoid the Blob!

We appreciate paragraph breaks. Make sure that your article displays paragraphs. Look at the formatting in the Article Text box and add any additional line breaks using the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard. A line between each paragraph is preferable.

Self Promotion Within Boundaries:

Do not place your name at the beginning of the article. Your name will already automatically appear in the article header. If you wish to add a signature, please do so at the end of your article. If you have a blog or journal that your write for, we don't mind you adding your web address to your signature. Do not place url's in the first paragraph and avoid using long urls. If you simply must provide the url to a specific source, then use to shorten the url first.

This is an example of an appropriate signature at the end of your article.

Article by Jane Doe

So I wrote an article, now what?

Make some friends, form some alliances. Note that all the author names on godot section articles link to the authors profile. At the bottom of each article you can write a review for the public to see or get directly in touch with an author using the private messaging system available on godot authors profile pages.

We are in this together:

To create a knowledgeable community able to address the demands of our off balance world, your insight is critical. Writing for godot will always be a work in progress. Please inform us of your ideas, hopes and troubles by using our general contact page. your social media marketing partner