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1 It's a burger ... and so much more Robert J Gaydos
3 Lining up for the smell of death in D.C. Robert J Gaydos
4 Hellooooooooo out there! Robert J Gaydos
5 100% Renewables? Brian King
6 Intelligent Life On Planet Earth ... Do You Wonder ? Brice K.
8 The Zika Microencephaly Virus: Evolutionary Impact and Treatment Brendan Maloney
9 Why is It a Taboo to discuss c-global which can save Everyone? Otto E. Rossler
10 Why Is Sleep of Vital Importance to All Human Beings? Patrick Wells
11 UFO's and global warming -- it's science, folks Robert J Gaydos
12 A Lifetime of Spiritual Accountability, the Panoramic Life Review Patrick Wells
13 Was the Universe Spiritual Before It Blew Up into the Material? Patrick Wells
14 Right Wing - Wrong Science John Glassco
15 What Makes Evil Men Evil? Mike Wolf
16 Musings on the Observable Universe and Existing Inside it. Jaron Pearlman
17 Mad-e-matics Leonard R. Jaffee
18 Unmoved by the Carbon Capture Rapture John Glassco
19 State of Mind: The Psychology of Control (Movie Review) Russell S.Wyllie
20 Science Today:- Is Our World A Cosmic / Computer Simulation ? Russell S.Wyllie
21 Bosons and bankers: What's up, God? Robert J Gaydos
22 Watching the WAIS line Zepp Jamieson
23 Beware Nibiru, the Death Planet Robert J Gaydos
24 New Evidence Suggests that the Near-Death-Experience is the Spirit Leaving the Body and Not Just a Dying Brain Patrick Wells
25 July 25, a Grimmer Omen than August 6 Richard Kane
26 Memory Richard Crews
27 The Origins of Humanity . Richard Crews
28 Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake to Hit New York City Stefan Hansen
29 Mathematical Proof: The LHC Must Stop Stefan Hansen
30 Will We All Be Swallowed by a Black Hole? Stefan Hansen
31 Doomsday Gambles or False Rumors Richard Kane
32 Consciousness (the Implicate Order) precedes, is more primary than and animates matter, space and time (the explicate order). Patrick Wells

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