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1 You Should Know: Health Care And Health Insurance Are Not The Same! lauragalet22
2 What’s The Best Remedy to the US Health Care Costs Defy Common Sense? lauragalet22
3 Report from the Hinterland: Dodging Boomerangs CGardner
4 Terminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies
5 Turtle sidelined as two new running backs hope to move the ball downfield Carl Peterson
6 Keep Children Healthy
7 Real Health Care Reform Brian King
8 Understanding the Old and New Healthcare Program
9 The Dinosaur Party and Dangerous "Useless Eaters" Dr. Roger Kotila
10 Dems: You need to be FOR healthcare reform David Bass
11 3 Key Reasons for Lack of Self-Confidence (And How to Fix Them) ashleykornee
13 Conservative Ideology or American Health? Carl Peterson
14 Surprising but Legitimate Dark Chocolate Health Benefits Lazar Stevic
15 Stay Current on International Family Planning
16 Student Health in 2016 - Trends Pat Fred
17 Horrible Secrets of Slender Beauties MariaRSatter
18 Shocking Health Trends among Students in 2016 DanMu
19 One More Prick In the Health Care Business John Glassco
20 A Public Option is the Answer to Aetna's Vindictiveness Madeleine Kando
21 Evaluate “Facts” Carefully
22 Pill Popping Richard Rapaport
23 Advocate for LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception)
24 Truth About Addiction jeinstein
25 Obesity on a Roll Sarah Taylor
26 Critical Mental Illness margiealtman
27 The Critically Mentally Ill margiealtman
28 I love Bernie, but... Steve Hough
29 Obamacare Is Heading for Collapse
30 The Profit-Motive Dominating Healthcare is a Slippery Slope Leading into Greed David Starr
31 A genital congenital anomaly Emily Catherine Hughes
32 E-cigs: A way to stop smokng or a new way to get hooked? Robert J Gaydos
33 Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts? Madeleine Kando
34 Imagined To Death - Could You Hear Me As You Died? Andor Carnes
35 Alzheimer's is a Thief -- Or Is It Jerry Nelson
36 MEDICARE PARTS---? Brian Johnstone
37 King vs. Burwell: How The Republican Beast is Feasting on Ignorance Madeleine Kando
38 Vaccines Vs Fears Elisabeth P
39 Will the Supreme Court Cripple Obamacare?
40 The Fight Against Universal Health Care in the US has its Roots in the Peculiar Institution Cecile Lawrence
41 Flu Shot Effectiveness ron humphries
42 The Affordable Care Act Has Become Unaffordable C. B.
43 Does Revelation of a Near Death Experience Always HAVE to Make You a Social Pariah, or Are There Alternatives? Barbara Todish
44 Hospitals Fought Familiar Infections Way Before Ebola Shirley Braverman
45 Obamacare Will Care for the Chronically Ill Shirley Braverman
46 Preventable care is available and affordable. Get Yourself to a Clinic! Shirley Braverman
47 Obamacare Offers Better and Cheaper Care While Adding 11 Million Patients! Shirley Braverman
48 I Long to Be a Young US Nurse With Ebola Richard Kane
49 With Ebola Raging in Africa, No Need for a Travel Ban?
50 Ebola can lead to Free or Affordable Healthcare for all Americans, One Way or Another Richard Kane
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